Meet Kevin and Steve, two amazing guys who work within the GAIN Group.. and not just that, they’re also Best Friends or the term they prefer to be described as a “bromance”

Steve is a parts advisor at Volkswagen, who started with us on June 8 2008, at what was formerly known as Speedway Motors. Kevin is our go to IT manager for all of our businesses within the GAIN Group since May 2011. The two of them met while working with GAIN and their friendship grew over time, through a mutual love of cars and motorcycles, which makes sense, as they both chose careers within the automotive industry! That first day Kevin rode in on his SR400 he caught Steve’s eye immediately. As a motorbike owner himself, an XS400 to be exact, they instantly hit it off. And while they weren’t exactly best friends right away, they both admitted to their first impressions of each other matched the term “weirdo”. But it didn’t take long before they were attached at the hip after working together day after day. The turning point of their friendship, was the first time Steve met Kevin’s family at the Audi grand opening about 6 years ago! Since then, Steve is happy to admit that he has fully been adopted by Kevin and his family after living next door to each other and having dinner together almost every night!

They have an undeniable chemistry, when I asked Kevin to describe Steve in three words he said: tall, tattoo & weird  – they even have nicknames for each other, you’ll have to ask about! They also have the same dream car, a Toyota AE 86! Kevin and Steve recently took a trip to Japan together and were surprised they didn’t get sick of each other after 2 weeks! From their description, it sounded like a super fun bro trip! When asked, what made you guys become such good friends and stay good friends? They both answered that they had “no idea, just something about this guy. Chill. No drama” Having met through the workplace, it provided these guys a chance to get to know each other more than just co-workers! What a great feeling to be friends with the people you work with! If you are interested in joining the GAIN Family, feel free to contact us at



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