Home Delivery of Essential Services

For clients within the GAIN Group and for local health care professionals, we are offering services to ensure you and your families remain within the comforts of your own home by offering you the convenience of pick-up and delivery. This complimentary service will include pick-up and delivery of your vehicle (should it require repairs or servicing) or any necessity items including grocery, prescription or any other essential items you may require between the hours of 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Please note that customers with high risk and restrictions due to health issues or limited mobility will be priority. We will provide this service for as long as our business is permitted to.

Step 1:

  • Make your online orders from your local grocery stores and pharmacies as you normally would and advise them that you will have someone from your dealership pick up the order for you.
  • Our teams will not pick up items that have not been ordered online at your local stores.
  • All payments must be made online as we will not be responsible for payment.

Step 2:

  • Contact your dealership at the numbers or emails provided below and advise:
  • Please include your name and the name the order was placed under
  • Advise of the items you purchased so we can verify upon pickup
  • Confirm your current address
  • Confirm your phone number and email
  • Confirm you are currently a customer of the dealership.

Step 3:

  • Upon delivery, our team member will leave the items at your door and call to advise you the items are there along with the receipt from the order.
  • Our team member will remain in the vehicle or from a distance until the order is taken inside.
  • This is a complimentary service offered to our clients and nothing else is required of you.
  • Please note we do not take payment of your goods as they will need to be made with your pharmacy or grocery store or online prior to pick-up. No gratuities necessary.  If you live outside of the cities of Victoria and Nanaimo, we will do our best to cater to your needs as well, but please understand there may be delays or an area outside of our service. 

We wish for you and your family to be safe and healthy and to advise us if you need us again should the situation continue.

Volkswagen Victoria:

Email: delivery@vwvictoria.com
Phone: 1-250-618-2365

Audi Victoria:

Email: delivery@audivictoria.com
Phone: 250-216-2088

Three Point Motors:

Email: delivery@threepointmotors.com
Phone: 250-208-6531

Audi Nanaimo:

Email: delivery@audinanaimo.com
Phone: 250-882-4372

BMW Victoria

Email: delivery@bmwvictoria.ca
Phone: 250-508-6723


Email: delivery@gain-vi.ca
Phone: 250-882-9144

Subaru of Nanaimo:

Email: delivery@subarunanaimo.com
Phone: 250-882-4372

Mercedes-Benz Nanaimo:

Email: delivery@mercedesnanaimo.com
Phone: 250-882-4372