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Polestar 2: Our fully electric five-door fastback, a car that brings an all-encompassing redefinition of electric performance.

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Polestar Service Centre

Polestar cars are built with great attention to detail. So it’s only logical that we service and repair them with the same uncompromising attitude.

36 service points are available across Canada.

Hassle-free service
When you book a service appointment, we’ll arrange Pick-up and delivery at a time and place of your choosing.

Roadside assistance is just a button away
In the unfortunate event of a breakdown or accident, it’s easy to summon assistance. Just press the dedicated button in the roof of your Polestar car to get help at your exact location.

Maintenance without compromise
Every Polestar service expert has the same obsession with detail as the designers and engineers who create our cars. They use only genuine Polestar parts to make sure that you can enjoy years of pure, progressive performance.

A warranty that reflects our approach
At Polestar, even the tiniest component gets our undivided attention. This obsession with quality translates into a comprehensive warranty that covers your car’s parts, battery and body.

Software updates on your schedule
Your car will notify you when it’s time to install an update. Just schedule a visit to a nearby service location to keep your car up to date and fully future-proof. Over-the-air updates are coming soon.

Discover the newest Polestar lineup

Groundbreaking ideas, backed by decades of automotive knowledge. The Polestar lineup offers an incomparable driving experience thanks to technological innovations.

Polestar 1
Polestar 1

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