At GAIN Group, we strive to go beyond the ordinary to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. Our success can be attributed to the incredible team we work with, a group of creative, innovative and passionate people in the automotive industry, classic car restoration and hospitality. An example of one of our driven and dedicated members is Hayden Sager.

Hayden began as an apprentice at Three Point Motors in Victoria, learning and working under knowledgeable and supportive team members throughout his career. Within three years, Hayden acquired his full certification and became a journeyman technician. Now 10 years since starting with us, Hayden has been promoted to Shop Foreman for Three Point Motor and is living out his passion for all things performance automotive.

For Hayden, one of the most crucial benefits and values of working within GAIN Group is the size and scope of the dealerships. Hayden emphasizes the room for growth and progression within one’s career, as the family of companies allows you to expand your horizons no matter where your path may take you, as you find the perfect fit for you amongst the large variety of brands.

“The word I think I would use to sum up GAIN is progressive,” Hayden says “It really allows you to progress through your career and your life because it has so many opportunities for you to advance.”


Hayden is now the Shop Foreman for Three Point Motor, and is living out his passion for all things performance automotive.

We thank you Hayden for your years of service and have enjoyed being a part of your journey in pursuing what you love.

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