Charity begins in our Island home…

The GAIN Group is proud to call Vancouver Island home. Over the years we’ve made numerous long lasting relationships within the community. Many of our clients have shared their passion and commitment about their interests in the community. Whether working to support a local theatre group, or to supply a regional hospital with the latest high-tech, life-saving equipment, volunteers and the corporate sector should work hand in hand to enhance our Island lifestyle.

We are fortunate to be able to lend our assistance to those who work every day in making the Island a better place for us all. By working together we can help those who need a hand, provide support for those in transition, marvel at a dance, or enjoy a classic opera.

The Arts

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Pablo Picasso

The arts celebrate our humanity, our creativity, and our connectedness. Finding something that resonates in a painting, listening to a Mozart symphony, or reading a book, the arts take us outside of ourselves, and ask us to use our imaginations. The importance of the arts in a balanced life cannot be overstated, and we are pleased to provide our support to those who endeavour to challenge, inform, and entertain.

The GAIN Group proudly supports the following arts organizations: Pacific Opera Victoria and the Victoria Symphony, Vancouver’s amazing Goh Ballet under the direction of Chan Hon Goh, the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival, the Victoria Kite Festival and the Victoria International Buskers Festival.

Charity and Foundations

Our largest fundraising event is the Vancouver Island Motor Gathering. Quickly establishing a reputation as a premier destination event, the growing success of this celebration of the automobile enables us to make a significant difference in the lives of Island residents.

Over the past seven years, our Vancouver Island Motor Gathering event has supported important local charities. The Cowichan District Hospital Foundation and the David Foster Foundation have shared over $775,000 in cash donations, and a further $996,000 in in-kind donations. The success of the Motor Gathering, and its support of community service foundations, is directly attributable to the efforts of our employees. We’re very proud of their contributions in making our community a more inclusive and brighter place to live.

The GAIN Group is also supportive of the following health-related charities and foundations: BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Victoria Hospitals Foundation, Victoria Hospice, Cops for Cancer, The Prostate Centre, CNIB, and the Spinal Cord Injury BC, among others.

In addition, the GAIN Group is proud to be a Life Legacy member of the David Foster Foundation. David Foster needs no introduction, and we are proud to support him and his foundation in making a difference in so many families’ lives all over Canada.


The strength of our communities is enhanced by the efforts of organizations such as the David Foster Foundation and Tour de Rock. We are proud to be a part of their team.

Other organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce (Victoria & Nanaimo), the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation, the Victoria & Nanaimo Dragonboat Festival Society, Women’s Transition House, the Mustard Seed and Power to be are just a few of the many local charities we are happy to support and respect.

Request a Sponsorship

The GAIN Group is fortunate to be able to lend our assistance to those who work every day in making the Island a better place for us all.  We always strive to support a selection of local charities and groups throughout the year so if you have an event or cause you’d like us to consider, please submit a request below.

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