How Can We Help?

We’ve hopefully made a difference to date, but there are those who still require assistance. Our primary interest is in assisting charities and events that support families, single parents, and children in need.

If your group would like to request our help, either by sponsorship or donation, please visit our website and complete the supplied form (please submit electronically). This form allows us to quickly organize the requests we receive. Please note that we receive daily requests for help, and we do our best to assist where we are able. The Management team convenes every Friday to consider the requests received. Providing us with as much information and detail as possible will help us in reaching a decision. We will notify you of our decision in a timely manner, usually during the following week. Please note we only respond to those we will be accepting.

Be certain to complete all applicable fields in the request form (fields marked with an asterisk [*] are mandatory). Only one form is required to be considered for a request.

Please Note: Submitting a completed request does not guarantee our participation. All information will be considered and adjudicated on its merits. As can be appreciated, we receive a significant number of requests for assistance on an annual basis. The GAIN Group is only able to support a select number of requests for donations and sponsorships. In the event that you require further information, please contact us at your convenience.

The GAIN Group’s community involvement is predicated on the belief that it is a part of our work to help others. It comes with the feeling that we’ve made a difference. What a brilliant reward.