As we support our employees in balancing life and work, we also know that this results in many great stories and experiences from all of our team members. We are honoured to share some of those great stories and testimonials to truly express how we as an organization have supported them throughout their time with GAIN Group.

I have been employed by the GAIN Group since they purchased the BMW dealership in 2009. At that time, I was doing warranty for the service department and was thrilled when they asked me to become a service advisor. They provided training, encouragement and support to make sure I was successful in the transition. By the beginning of 2011 I was also backing up the Service Manager. I would never have thought my career could progress so quickly and I knew I had GAIN to thank in part for their encouragement and faith in me. At the end of 2011, I was asked to be the Service Manager of Audi Victoria as it was moving to be its own stand-alone shop, away from VW and Porsche. I have now been the Service Manager at Audi for almost 7 years. The GAIN Group has allowed me to move ahead with my career while staying with a product I am passionate about. The relationships built with fellow GAIN Group employees and customers has been an amazing experience, which has also enhanced my overall enthusiasm for my Job. I feel very privileged to be the Service Manager of Audi Victoria and an employee of a company as caring and diverse as the GAIN Group.

‐ Joanne Taylor | Service Manager
Audi Victoria

I joined Three Point Motors August 26, 1985. The great thing about the company is that there are so many opportunities within the GAIN Group. I was able to move up from car washer to the detail department. I then worked in the parts department, gained experience as a service advisor, before moving to my current position of Service Manager. I have seen so many other staff transfer to other the GAIN Group dealerships where career advancements were achieved. Besides the great extended health benefits, the GAIN Group really looks after its staff. Fabulous Christmas parties, employee birthdays, and 5-year incremental anniversaries are recognized. The GAIN Group also hosts a lot of special events for customers, which makes it better for dealing with customers. Staff morale is very important at the GAIN Group and lots of the staff have developed friendships outside of work. It’s a great place to have a solid, reliable, long-term career with lots of opportunities for growth and development.

‐ Scott Murley | Service Manager,
Three Point Motors

Working at Three Point Motors as an apprentice allowed me to hone my skills as an automotive technician. In the shop, I have access to the newest repair procedures and tools. The management staff supported me well and made sure always to give me work that was challenging and within my ability to be able to diagnose and repair as my skills increased. My time at Three Point Motors has been enjoyable, and I look forward to many years of work here in the future.

‐ Hayden Sager | Mercedes-AMG Technician
Three Point Motors

My experience working with the GAIN group has been rewarding both personally and professionally. The day to day job task is never quite the same–continually challenging one’s knowledge and providing countless opportunities to gain new experience and grow within the company.

The management team instils confidence in their employees, sets realistic expectations and is quick to acknowledge one’s efforts. More importantly, the entire GAIN staff is passionate about their employment and compassionate with their co-workers—simply defining the word TEAM.

It has been my privilege to be part of this group for the past 7 years.

‐ Laurie Lackey | Service Appointment Coordinator
Three Point Motors

The love of working on cars from a very young age, I liked to take things apart to see how they worked inside and that is what led me to choose a career as an automotive technician. Mercedes-Benz was always a dream car of mine since I was a small boy.

Started my apprenticeship with Three Point Motors over 40 years ago and have worked my way up to shop foreman and enjoy helping new technicians entering the trade.
I enjoy working on the Mercedes-Benz products because they always led the way in innovation and technology which makes it challenging to fix certain problems which keeps the job interesting. When I come to work I never have two days the same. Each day is always challenging.

‐ Dale Smith | Shop Foreman
Three Point Motors

I joined GAIN when I was already 30 years into my automotive career. I was attracted by their desire to excel in every aspect of the business and most of all by their commitment to a higher standard of customer service. The diversity available by having multiple dealerships allows talented people a virtually unlimited career path within the dealer group. Over the past ten years, I’ve enjoyed watching the rise of many of my co-workers into management positions. A career with GAIN gives you the opportunity to work with the finest car marques in the world in an environment which you can be proud of.

‐ Paul Rossmo | General Manager
Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

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