Today, we are congratulating Anne Marie Cortes on her retirement. She is our beloved warranty administrator and has been with Three Point Motors for 22 years. She has touched all of our lives here and we sincerely thank her for everything she’s done with and for GAIN Group. Keep reading to hear some of her lovely stories and thoughts she’d shared on her last day with us!

Retiring after 22 years, Anne Marie feels a lot of mixed emotions. She is sad as she will miss all the people here, but happy to hand the baton off to the person she’s training: Saige. She is looking forward to doing other things in life, including starting her own handmade jewellery business, spending more time with her parents, and start volunteering at retirement homes.

When Anne Marie first started at Three Point Motors, she knew she would be here for the long run. In her very own words, Anne Marie described herself as “a lifer”. She was at her last job for 11 years before leaving to take care of her son. A few years later, she returned to the workforce for 22 years at Three Point Motors.

There definitely have been a lot of changes for GAIN Group. In the beginning, Three Point was the only division of GAIN. It was a small company with merely 26 employees. However, Anne Marie states one thing that has not changed are the great bosses and colleagues she sees every day. Throughout the years, she’s been with AUDI, Porsche, Mercedes Benz Nanaimo, and of course, Three Point Motors Victoria. She is truly thankful for every single manager she came into contact with. She wants to thank them for making her look forward to work every day.

Anne Marie says there are too many great memories throughout the years she’s spent here; however, there are three memories that remain the most memorable:

  1. She was a receptionist for 9 years for GAIN. One day, her manager Scott Kerr came up to her and said: “you know more than you’re letting”. He offered her a promotion as a warranty administrator. Anne Marie cherishes this moment as the faith Scott had in her gave her the confidence to say yes.
  2. Scott Murley has been her boss for the longest time. She describes him as the “easiest and calmest person to work with –not for.”
  3. Anne Marie’s son, Russell, works here at Three Point Motors as well. From car washing, filing, and back to car washing, and currently Sales Administrator, Anne Marie is extremely glad to have introduced son to the group. She is so proud to see him succeed and keep succeeding every day. Here is a photo of the two below:

The one thing Anne Marie will miss most about her job is the camaraderie of all the staff: the interactions, the greetings, the positive attitude and lovely people she’s surrounded by each and every day. She’s thankful and will cherish her experience and memories here.

Anne Marie is excited to be able to focus on different things that are important to her at this stage in her life. She will be trying out new hobbies like exercising and travelling the world.

“The world is there and I need to see it for myself with my husband.” – Anne Marie Cortes

She says after years of her husband making dinner every day, they are excited to switch things up a bit and have him come home to the dinner.

Anne Marie wants to say thank you to everyone who has been a part of her work life. “You’ve all enhanced and enriched my life so much. I am excited to start doing what my heart wants.”


We are sad to see you go, Anne Marie, but happy to see what the future holds for you!

From everyone here at GAIN Group,

All the best to you on your well-deserved retirement!


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