Meet the first-ever, all electric, Audi e-tron!

One of our divisions, Audi Victoria, received its fully electric vehicle today! We sat down with our Audi General Sales Manager, Adam Davies as he shared his thoughts on the vehicle with us.

Adam’s first reaction upon seeing the vehicle in person is excitement and relief from all the anticipation. He expresses his excitement for the Audi brand as it is a huge step into the all-electric world. The most important aspect of it is that it is still an Audi: It feels like an Audi, looks like an Audi, and drives like an Audi. He is thrilled Audi Victoria now has an exciting and unique electric car. He is excited for more changes to come and to start telling the story of the Audi Brand through them.

The Audi e-tron delivers the same level of driving enjoyment, attention to detail as any Audi model would offer. The silent engine would contribute to it being one of the most comfortable SUVs. Adam describes the driving experience as dynamic and connected.

“It is something you have to experience. It is totally different from any other vehicle.” -Adam Davies

Being Audi’s first all-wheel drive, all-electric car, it has two electric motors, the latest generation on the famous quattro system. The unique drivetrain helps create a sporty dynamic driving experience, yet it’s very conscious of its energy consumption. With the latest generation of touch screen, natural voice recognition, handwriting recognition, it is extremely user-friendly and really upholds the technology value aspect of the Audi brand.

Comparing the e-tron to its competitors, essentially what Audi is trying to do is create an Audi that is electric. It wasn’t crafted to look different for the sake of being different. It still attains the traditional, popular Audi SUV look. It is made to be a vehicle that people will love and enjoy.

Book a test drive at Audi Victoria to experience the Audi e-tron today!

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